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INTEROPen Governance proposals from interoperability networks

28 April 2017   Amir Mehrkar

The following interoperability networks BCS, CCIO/CIO Network, C4H, HL7UK, IHE, NHS Digital, NHS England, NHS Hack Days, OpenEHR, PRSB and techUK have all joined INTEROPen, agreeing to its terms and conditions.

Discussions amongst leaders of these networks have led to the following agreement. INTEROPen members are encouraged to review and comment so we can progress the governance work and establish a new INTEROPen board to lead the interoperability standards work collaboratively.

Request for Governance feedback

14 March 2017   Amir Mehrkar

At the recent interopsummit panel debate, it was announced that leaders of interoperability networks (C4H, HL7UK, techUK, PRSB, BCS, IHE, CCIO/CIO network, OpenEHR, NHS Digital, NHS England) have agreed to work to establish how they can come together under an umbrella group called INTEROPen, whilst keeping the INTEROPen T+C/values/purpose/aims.

This is a request to the INTEROPen membership for OPEN feedback – via the RYVER GOVERNANCE FORUM CHAT - on how our governance structure could evolve.

INTEROPen has been established for just over 1 year and continues to grow with organisations (vendor, provider, standards and clinical) joining weekly.

Request from INTEROpen to HL7UK

27 February 2017   Amir Mehrkar

INTEROPen request a HL7UK ballot on the draft INTEROPen CareConnect profiles(extensions and valuesets)

Click here for the full details. Discuss here on RYVER

2017 Interop Summit Agenda

12 January 2017   Amir Mehrkar

The Interop 2017 Summit agenda is now available here

Code4Health Interoperability Community Board (C4H CIB) - Response to "Emerging Target Architecture" paper

17 January 2016   Luke Readman, Chair C4H CIB

Members of the C4H CIB responded to the Emerging Target Architecture paper by NHS England CIO, Will Smart.

Click here for the paper. Discuss here on RYVER

Code4Health Interoperability Community Board Briefing - FHIR Tooling

16 January 2016   Amir Mehrkar

The Code4Health Interoperability Community Board endorsed this paper and its recommendations. FHIR tooling is not quite mature enough to drive the clinical engagement to help define clinical user requirements and use cases. This is an opportunity for members to share their initial thoughts on this paper. The NHS Digital team plans to initiate this in collaboration with community input. This should be an exciting project to help further popularise and engage clinicians and technician in FHIR.

Click here for the paper.

Interoperability and Population Health Summit: Emerging Target Architecture

29 December 2016   Will Smart, NHS England CIO

This is a paper summarising the outputs from an Interoperability and Population Health Summit that was convened by Will Smart, NHS England CIO, in November 2016.

The purpose of the summit was to bring together national and international experts to explore the challenges associated with enabling data to flow across the health and social care system to support the provision of the best possible care to citizens.

The purpose of the target architecture paper is to explore the design of such a target architecture, to support the direction of travel to

  • OPEN APIs (e.g. CareConnnect)
  • (Near) Real time data access for direct patient care
  • Near real time data access for analytics

A key recommendation is that a target architecture (or platform for sharing) is at a regional level of populations from 2 to 5 million, adopting national standards (e.g. CareConnect), supported by national capabilities and integrated also with the emerging National Data Platform.

INTEROPen members are recognised stakeholders in providing feedback - please log in to RYVER for details on how to provide feedback by noon Monday 16th January.

Click here for the paper.

FHIR Proof of Concept Evaluation Report

18 December 2016   Amir Mehrkar

A key aim of this project was to support faster development of UK standards for the exchange of health and care information in FHIR, drawing on existing work nationally and internationally and collaborating with the interoperability community to bring a greater focus on implementation of the standards.

Click here for the final report.

Developing Community FHIR Profiles (Webinar slides)

19 October 2016   Amir Mehrkar, Orion Health & Richard Kavanagh, NHS Digital

INTEROPen October 2016 Newsletter

17 October 2016   Amir Mehrkar

CareConnect candidate FHIR profiles online

12 Sep 2016   Amir Mehrkar

NHS Digital and Endeavour Health have submitted FHIR profiles. They have been working together to agree convergence and these are published on our website at:

EMIS and TPP have also been involved in the initial GPConnect FHIR profile work.

ACTION FOR MEMBERS: Please start using the Slack general channel for any discussion points on the profiles.

PRSB clinical validation of FHIR profiles

12 Sep 2016   Amir Mehrkar

The PRSB has been commissioned to provide a clinical validation review of the CareConnect–Problem–Condition candidate profile over three workshops, with a view of reviewing the rest of the CareConnect profiles as they are published.

On Friday 23rd September 9-10.30 am we plan to have a webinar discussion of the CareConnect candidate profiles and to share any PRSB learning points.

ACTION FOR MEMBERS: Please email . if you are keen to be part of this webinar: you must review the profiles ahead of this to inform your contribution.

Proposal for INTEROPen to “OPEN" its membership [HAVE YOUR SAY]

12 Sep 2016   Amir Mehrkar

Since INTEROPen4 in July, a growing number of non-vendor organisations and individuals with valuable technical and clinical knowledge of the technologies we supply, and the standards needed to enable interoperability, have requested to contribute to INTEROPen’s important standards work.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to invite them to our membership. These include NHS provider and commissioner IT teams.

However, our mission statement makes it clear that we are here to work together to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability, whilst putting commercial interests aside.

In addition, the recent report, Making IT Work, chaired by Dr Robert Wachter, focused heavily on “interoperability”, specifically stating:

  • "National standards for interoperability should be developed and enforced, with an expectation of widespread interoperability of core data elements by 2020”
  • "Widespread interoperability will require the development and enforcement of standards, along with penalties for suppliers, trusts, GPs, and others who stand in the way of appropriate data sharing."

It, therefore, appears that the role of INTEROpen, is set to become an even more vital piece in the transformation of our NHS for safer and more efficient patient care.

As a result, a proposal has been put forward that we OPEN our MEMBERSHIP to non-vendor organisations and individuals with technical and clinical expertise in health and social care interoperability standards development.

The proposal has been supported enthusiastically by the following members:

Blackpear, Cerner, Emis Health, Endeavour, Healthcare Gateway, IMS Maxims, InterSystems, Microsoft, Orion Health, TPP, including NHS Digital.

ACTION FOR MEMBERS: If you have any objection to this please contact us at . by 16/09/2016 with your justification, or use SLACK to discuss openly.

If no objections are raised we will open up the SLACK forum without delay and update our website and twitter feeds accordingly.

Welcome Liam King, from Healthcare Gateway, to our PM team

12 Sep 2016   Amir Mehrkar

Liam King has kindly volunteered to support INTEROPen’s work in a management capacity, helping to assist Paul Cooper from IMS Maxims.

We are delighted to have Liam's contribution to our community!

ACTION FOR MEMBERS: If you have capacity to support our work, please get in touch at .

In the media

2017 emerges as pivotal year for FHIR interoperability standard

05 Jan 2017

Health Level Seven International’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) application programming interface is moving closer to becoming a mature standard, with the “normative” version slated for release sometime in 2017.

Ade Memoire: all mod cons

3 Nov 2016

In 1998, Adrian Byrne's trust decided the future was the web. The modern world says it was right, the world of healthcare software that it was wrong. Now, he's got the private hell of deciding where to go on mobile...

Calling the FHIR brigade

6 Sep 2016

Philip Scott, a senior lecturer in information systems at the University of Portsmouth, and chair of HL7 UK, discusses the evolution of the HL7 FHIR standard, some projects in which it is already being used in the NHS...

Ade Memoire: how long?

17 Aug 2016

Adrian Byrne, the director of informatics at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, wonders whether five years is enough to realise the government’s ‘paperless’ vision. Barely, if a trust has yet to do order comms, e-prescribing, and information sharing, he reckons....

INTEROPen accelerates development of NHS interoperability standards

23 Jun 2016

Twenty-nine industry-leading organisations have come together to create INTEROPen, a supplier action group aimed at accelerating the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sectors...

UK health authorities back supplier IT interoperability group

14 Jun 2016

INTEROPen action group is expected to build on NHS England's work around developing technology and data standards to help meet wider care transformation aims...

INTEROpen supplier group launched to promote open standards

24 May 2016

A supplier-led interoperability group has been launched to promote the exchange of data across healthcare through the adoption of open standards.

INTEROPen accelerates development of NHS interoperability standards

1 May 2016